From the characteristics of the fabric and the effect of warmth, Flannel and coral velvet are the main material for winter pajamas. Once you understand the differences between flannel or coral velvet, it’s easier to choose the type that helps make your wearing experience more enjoyable and effective.

What’s flannel and What’s coral velvet?

Flannel is brushed and woven fabric. Made by wool after dyeing processing, adding natural colour wool woven blends, the twill weave and plain weave technology, at the same time after fulling and rough, make weaving of soft and close.
The coral velvet is made of polyester fiber, which has been heated, deformed, cooled and finalized during the process of weaving. The new knitting technology is also improved and upgraded year by year, making the fabric with a richer sense of hierarchy and rich color.

From the choice of raw materials, we can learn that the flannel with wool material is very different from the corals which use polyester fiber micro materials. From the finished product, we can find that the flannel fabric is more thicker, the density of the wool is very close, and the fluff density of the coral velvet is relatively thinner. And the two kinds of material feel a little different, flannel feel more delicate and soft, more warm.

Which is better? Flannel or coral velvet?

1.The fluff of flannel is more delicate and tight, and the fluff of coral velvet is thicker and thinning; so the corals velvet are easily hairy, and flannel will not easily lose their hair.

2.The weight of the flannel is higher, that is to say, the fabric will be thicker. But the coral velvet wool blanket is warmer, and the cover is comfortable, and it is easy to clean, not to deform the ball.

3.Coral velvet blanket on the front surface has coral velvet small particles, and the flannel surface is more smooth villi, the difference of the surface is more intuitively reflected in the two kinds of blankets handle, so the flannel blankets are more soft.

Coral velvet is soft and warm with its high density, water absorption is three times that of cotton, both at home and abroad is one of the alternative materials for cotton robe; and it did not stimulate the skin, so the extensive use in baby products, children's clothing, apparel, clothing and shoe cap lining... And so on, winter pajamas of home appliances in the most popular products in recent years! From the Wash water standard of the coral pajamas, it was found that his main ingredients were polyester, artificial fiber and acrylic fiber. This kind of fabric, to some extent, easily causes the skin of allergic constitution to itchy and reddish,especially in cold winter.

Both Flannel or coral velvet are wonderful fabrics and have their pros and cons. Hopefully this article has shown you the difference between the them and will help you be able to decide which to use on your wearing experience! When buying a winter pajamas, whether it's a coral velvet pajamas or flannel pajamas, you must buy it according to your skin condition. Do not just look for new styles to cause skin allergies.