No matter what the age, sleepovers are always fun. All the activities range from eating to pillow fights and late night talks. Sleepovers are almost a rite of passage but having a sleepover in onesies makes it more fun. Add in animal onesies or add in matching animal onesies to increase the quotient of fun in the sleepover.

Here are some ideas on how to pack for a sleepover:

Elephant Onesie: Imagine wearing a grey and white Kigu which is complete with big padded feet and a trunk hanging from the hoodie- It has a great time written on it all along. Wearing it, you can stampede around the house with your herd.

Sloth Onesie: Feeling lazy and instead of prancing around, just want to relax with your buddies? Well, the sloth onesie is just for you then. It is coated with brownish yellow colour while featuring a white front. What makes it most fun is that there are soft claws which are fashioned into the forearms of the onesie. So pull down your sloth hoodie, hold up your arms and go into sloth mode.

Unicorn Onesie: Sleepovers are generally done with the objective of horsing around. So why not indulge in that while wearing a unicorn onesie- fully white and with a horn on the hoodie to add more to the fun.

Shark Onesie: Loved Jaws? Or maybe didn't? Doesn't matter at all because these sharks are cute and are here to only help you have more fun and feel cozy. It is dyed blue with a white front and the hoodie is lined with soft shark 'teeth' which just amps up the cuteness quotient.

Cat Onesie: Many have cats and many would like to have one but if you can't then this cute alternative will help you purr out in pleasure. Pack this in your bags if your friends want to have some fun catfights with you.

Fox Onesie: This onesie made up of a reddish orange color, will spice up any dull sleepover, especially since there is a handy tail which comes attached to it so that you can be extra crazy in there.

Panda Onesie: This one is a must recommendation in any onesie list. Pandas are already cute animals, but when they are printed on onesies, they somehow get cuter. A black and white Kigu with short panda ears attached to the hoodie makes one be the center of attention of any sleepover group.

Whatever design is chosen, don't forget that the ultimate aim is to bond with friends and have fun. Although, prancing around in any animal onesie is certainly more fun. So grab one and get as soon as possible to that party.