Onesies are a favourite among the bigger lot of population for all the good reasons. Not even once, have we encountered a person complaining of getting a onesie for themselves. Everything, from comfort to fun inculcate to a onesie. However, more than the basic onesies that we know of, the occasional onesies are making a huge splash in the market for both men and women. After a lot of research, we have brought together the best funny onesies for adults.

  • Eeyore the Donkey from Winnie the Pooh

Well, if you are a nineties kid then you know who Eeyore the Donkey is from the cartoon series of Winnie the Pooh. He was a lazy, bluish grey donkey who preferred to stay out of trouble. Somehow, he always found himself stuck in some of the other mishaps. With those droopy, sad eyes, he sure was loved by many and sympathized by most. If Eeyore was your favourite character too, then you can get his life-sized, onesie and pretend to laze around just like Eeyore did.

  • The Arab and his Camel

We have read many fables and tales in the Arabian nights about the Arab men travelling in their camels to far off places. It gave us a sense of courage and spirit for riding on a camel on the sand with no proper direction or roads, with the constant fear of getting lost any given time. This onesie is quite an extravagant one. It has camel legs, with the forelimbs hanging on the front side on the lower portion of the onesie. And the camel body protruding out while fake legs and an upper body of Arab men in the upper portion of the onesie. It is among the best funny onesies for adults available at the moment.

  • The Johnny-O Turkey

The Johnny-O Turkey onesie is a Halloween favourite and both adults and kids like to get themselves the costume. It comes with a clawed foot and a hoodie that looks like a turkey neck, complete with the beak and eyes. Also, the sleeves of the onesie have wings like the turkey and give a turkey feel to the wearer. By far, it is one hell of a costume.

stitch onesie

  • The White Shark

Raise your hands if you love sharks in spite of it being so fierce. The white shark onesie is one such costume. It is among the most popular funny onesies for adults. The onesie has a tail like feet and has the upper body opened up like that of the shark mouth. So, if you wear a white shark onesie, it will look like you have probably been eaten whole by the shark, making it stand out from the rest of the onesies.

  • The Grape Fruit

The grapefruit onesie is cute! The legs are black to give an illusion to the large, football-sized grapes that make the upper portion of the onesie. The head is covered with a purple, perfect fitted headgear to make your head look like a grape too.

To sum it up, these five pieces of onesies have topped the list. They are both social and funny, making one deadly combination. Get yourself a onesie and top the happiness quotient with your appearance.