Onesie are one of the most popular nightwear all across the globe. People all around the world are known to wear onesie to bed because it is very much comfortable and make people feel cozy. In hotter countries the percentage of people wearing onesie to bed is low but in colder countries, the percentage of people wearing onesie are comparatively very high.

Facts about onesie Why is it so popular

The word onesie pajama has been originated from the country India from an India word called “piejamah” which means a loose pant which can be tied in the waist. When the British invaded India they saw that the onesie were very common and when they tried it out it was very comfortable which made them decide that they will wear them as a nightwear.

Onesie are not meant for only night wear. There are a lot of places in Asia where people wear onesie when they go out in public. Wearing onesie has become a trend right now. There are different types of onesie depending on the fit.

Onesie were not designed for kids and were meant to be worn by adults only. onesie became a trend when people started stitching socks to their onesie to make them feel warm as well as look cool. The socks were also attached so that the bugs and termites stay away from the toe.

Soon in cold counties, people started to stitch up a cap with their nightshirt to keep them warm and cozy and finally in 2000 onesies became a thing. The onesies have evolved from onesie after there was a need to attach a cap and socks together to keep the body heat high in cold countries.

Onesie were not in fashion before 2000 but after Coco Chanel started a lounging pajama collection suddenly onesie became a popular thing. After 2000 onesie became accepted all over the world and people started to wear them as their nightwear.

A long time ago onesie used to have a drop seat in it so that using the washroom was not convenient for everyone.

When pajama was introduced in United States of America and United Kingdom it was very well accepted by the men in the society but it was not accepted by the women because according to them it did not have any kind of fashion sense.

Right now onesie are worn all around the world by both men and women at home and also at public places. All the big clothing brands have onesie as their clothing line because of its popularity.

Onesie are often referred to as PJ’s in many countries. The basic work of a onesie pajama is to act as a nightwear for both men and women. There are a few kinds of onesie pajamas available in our wellpajamas store right now that you can come to select one pair of onesie for your family. The best thing about onesie is that you can wear onesie in the daytime and also as a night time.