Lounging at home after a hard day's work or spending quality time with family is pretty much on every person's list and if its winter, those events get more cozy and valuable. But what if someone wants to do both- gets cozy relaxing but also wants to have fun with kids and family. Well, that's why animal onesies are here.

There is a Japanese term used called 'kigurumi' which basically translates to 'costumed animal character'. Why Japanese? Because they have been involved in this for years and in fact, Kigu started importing them almost a decade back and they grew extremely popular, especially because they were fun to wear and were unisex. There are options to choose from- kangaroos (complete with a tail and a joey in its pouch) to unicorns. But there are many more options, especially for the adults:

Shark Kigu: As the name suggests, it is grey in colour with white on the belly and is commonly made of fleece. The adorable triangular shark head, complete with soft teeth on it is what clinches the deal.

Rainbow Unicorn Kigu: This onesie combines two of the best things- rainbows and unicorns. The whole onesie is covered in a rainbow pattern, but it doesn't seem too flashy. There is also the white horn on the hoodie without which the Kigu would have been incomplete.

Toothless from 'How to Train Your Dragon': One of the best things about this movie was undoubtedly the black dragon toothless. This Kigu was designed for the fans who want to take in more of the character. The onesie is fully black, as should be expected, but the hoodie is carved out in the shape of toothless's face.

Red panda Kigu: Red pandas are one of the most adorable creatures on earth and so a onesie featuring them was never going to be far behind. The red panda Kigu is reddish orange in colour, which resembles the coat of the red panda and as is the norm, the hoodie is made up in the shape of the red panda, fully done with the ears. Additionally, a tail is also a bonus here.

Walrus Onesie: Loving these loud animals is not that hard since they are mostly blop around on their bellies but this fun onesie gives a fun take on the walrus design. The body is made up of ash grey color, which resembles the color of a walrus. As for the huge double icicles called teeth, they too feature in the hoodie of this Kigu.

Sloth Kigu: Probably the most relatable creature of all, this onesie makes anyone want to curl up in it and go to sleep. It is brown in color, with white on the front. What makes it fun are the long nails which hang down from the forearms. So after you put on the hoodie and bring the claws out, then its fun time for everyone.

Everyone looks for something fun to do to relieve themselves from boredom, trying out this variety of animal onesies seem to be a great solution which will keep lethargy and boredom at bay.