There was a time when onesies were considered to be a fashion disaster. If according to your opinion onesies are a sleepwear and you only wear it at home before going to bed, then it is absolutely wrong. Right now the next best thing is onesies. People can be onesies whenever they want and go wherever they want. It has become a trend to wear onesies when you are going to a party, any sporting event or vacation.

Here we will be giving you the ten reasons to wear Pokémon onesies without getting judged:

1.Breaking the convention

Onesies are very much comfortable and it will give out a very bold statement about your character when you will be wearing a Pokémon onesie. Onesies also make you look cool when you are wearing it in public.

2.It is absolutely hassled free

Onesie is just a single piece of clothing and therefore you will never have to think what to match with it. Wearing it is very simple and flexible.

3.When all you care about is being comfortable

The Pokémon onesies are very much fluffy and comfortable and therefore it has become one of the favourite outfits for many Hollywood celebrities like Beyoncé, Justin Biber, and Cara Delevingne.

4.It's just one life

The recent trend that is very popular amongst the new generation is the saying YOLO which means you only live once. This implies that life is too short to say no to any kind of outfit which is comfortable.

5.Hides your extra fat

The best thing about Pokémon onesies is that it covers your entire body. Even if you have gained a few more pounds or have skipped going to the gym for a few weeks wearing a onesie will hide all the extra fat and make you feel confident about yourself.

6.Unite and wear

If you are wearing a onesie while going out, then make sure you ask your friends to wear them too and you can all roll as a squad in a onesie and no one will judge you for that.

7.The Partywear

If you are throwing a party or going to a themes party, then onesies are a perfect choice. You can simply go to a Pokémon themed party wearing a Pokémon onesie.

8.Because everybody is wearing it

Since everybody around you is wearing onesies it is your time to try it out. Make sure you post a photo on Instagram wearing a Pokémon Onesie.

9.The Swag factor

Not everybody has the natural swag in them but wearing a Pokémon onesie will definitely bring out the swag in you.

10.The Pokémon onesies

Who does not like Pokémon? Wearing a Pokémon onesie will make you more popular amongst your friends. Since Onesies are a trend this year it is very much important to have a few in your closet so that you can rock them whenever you want to.